The No Hit Zone program strives to advocate for safe and healthy environments for all people within a facility. It applies to corporal punishment, domestic abuse, sibling violence, interpersonal violence, and elder abuse. A No Hit Zone is an environment where:

  • NO adult will hit a child.
  • NO adult will hit another adult,
  • NO child will hit an adult,
  • NO child will hit another child.


If you are a parent or guardian seeking parenting education resources, you can access them on the Department of Social Services website by clicking here.

Become a No Hit Zone

CPCM is currently working with interested organizations in South Dakota to implement No Hit Zone Policies. To inquire about becoming a No Hit Zone Partner, email [email protected].

CPCM will work with your organization to help you become a No Hit Zone by completing these four steps:

  1. Get approval: Get approval from leadership to implement the No Hit Zone Program in your organization.

  2. Develop policy: View sample policies here.

    1. Sample Child Advocacy Center Policy (.DOCX)
    2. Sample School Policy (.DOCX)
    3. Sample Hospital Policy (.DOCX)
  3. Educate employees: Provide staff and parents/caregivers of children with resources to resolve conflict using the video and power point listed here.

    1. Educational Presentation (PPT)
    2. Educational VideosĀ 
  4. Promote: Download sample signage here, and post them throughout your No Hit Zone.

5. Distraction Kits: Create “distraction kits” full of activities and items to entertain children throughout your No Hit Zone in order to help eliminate situations where hitting may be involved.