Individualized Supports Implemented by School-Employed & Community-based Providers

For students who demonstrate significant, intensive need, systematic wraparound services may be explored. For approximately 1-5% of students in a given population, individualized, intensive intervention needs will be needed. These students may benefit from individualized behavioral intervention plans, systematic wraparound services including school-based and community-based mental health services, as well as individualized family support services to connect families with interventions to help minimize symptoms and maximize positive mental health for individual students. Examples of therapy protocols may include:

Progress will be monitored to evaluate progress toward therapy goals. As need for individualized support decreases, systematic strategic supports may be provided and phased over time.

Students in Tier 3 receive care coordination via in-school supports and external behavioral health.  Students will be assessed, an intervention plan will be developed, and student and family supports will be established. The model includes individualized action plans and weekly contact, in person or by phone, with families to include them in each step of the action plan.

Strategic Partners

Community Mental Health Centers.

Community Mental Health Centers provide crisis response – unplanned, in home or school or outside clinic – for those in immediate danger to themselves or others.  Schools may refer students to the emergency clinic.  They are involved in schools in a variety of ways including having space in the school to deliver services.  Partnership with school district and mental health center allows mental health center to be first people in (if law enforcement not needed ASAP).

Avera eCARE

Avera eCARE School Health partners with K-12 school districts to provide nurse and behavioral health coverage for the entire school day and ensure immediate response to student needs. Using high-definition video technology, school faculty and staff are able to connect with dedicated providers at eHelm – the Sioux Falls hub for Avera eCARE.