Aimee Deliramich, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist at University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities in Sioux Falls, SD. In her role at the Center, she evaluates as part of a multidisciplinary team within the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic and Fetal Alcohol Spectrums Disorder Clinic. She is also part of the education team creating continuing education opportunities for educators, mental health providers, community members, etc. within the areas of Autism, IDD, and mental health. She previously was employed as a licensed psychologist at LifeScape in Sioux Falls, SD, where she developed the outpatient psychology program, led and evaluated as part of a multidisciplinary team within the Autism Diagnostic Clinic, collaborated with physical therapy and occupational therapy to create a Constipation Management Clinic and provided psychology services within that team, and developed the role of a psychologist within the Feeding Clinics and treatment teams. Dr. Deliramich facilitated and led social skills groups with children and adolescents, in addition to ongoing psychotherapy with children and adolescents and their parents across a myriad of diagnoses and presenting problems. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Wyoming, her master’s degree in counseling psychology from University of Hawaii, Hilo, and her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from University of South Dakota. Dr. Deliramich completed her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center and her post-doctoral training at LifeScape. Deliramich has clinical experience in hospital settings, special education facilities, and outpatient facilities providing comprehensive psychological services and evaluations for individuals with a wide range of disabilities and diagnoses.