CPCM has five major goals and 41 supporting objectives that address a comprehensive approach toward ending child sexual abuse in South Dakota. The objectives of this plan will increase the state’s capacity to address all forms of child maltreatment.

Goal A – Data Collection, Statistics and Benchmarking

Create a single point data agency with management of an integrated database system to effectively monitor and ultimately predict indicators associated with child sexual abuse in South Dakota.

Goal B – Public, Private & Tribal Health

Build capacity within the public, private, and Tribal health systems to respond to all children and families impacted by child sexual abuse in South Dakota.

Goal C- Mandatory Reporters

Every post-secondary institution of higher education in South Dakota will teach students entering professions where they will be mandatory reporters the skills necessary to perform this task.

Goal D – Criminal Justice & Child Protection Services Response

Child protection workers and law enforcement officers will conduct a competent and comprehensive investigation of every child sexual abuse case.

Goal E – Public Awareness

Develop self-healing communities through contracted campaign materials to build a movement that ends child sexual abuse in South Dakota.

Goal F – Infrastructure

Create and sustain a network of statewide support and effort to move the goals of Jolene’s Law Task Force forward.