Develop self-healing communities through contracted campaign materials to build a movement that ends child sexual abuse in South Dakota. Launch public campaign by the end of 2018.


  1. Develop infrastructure to manage a comprehensive public awareness and education campaign. Launch campaign by 4Q2017.
  2. Conduct regional assessments on who has public awareness and education programming by the end of 2017. Partner with agencies to integrate or supplement contracted campaign materials with existing programs.
  3. Launch train-the-trainer programs by 2018; conduct as needed thereafter.
  4. Develop bystander awareness and education to build skills on how to safely intervene and help a child in distress. Provide community awareness and education seminars on what elements constitute a safe environment for children.
  5. Develop a website and social media presence. Begin efforts in 3Q2017 and launch in 2018.
  6. Launch and manage public awareness messages and media resources in 2018.
  7. Launch a coordinated effort to teach prevention to students in school systems as well as their parents/guardians. Offer training at 25 percent of South Dakota public and private school districts by 2021, 50 percent by 2023, 75 percent by 2024, and 100 percent by 2026.
  8. Launch a coordinated effort to teach child sexual abuse prevention efforts in youth serving organizations and faith-based organizations in 2018.