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Otakuye Awanyanka: Tribal Foster Parent Recruitment Efforts

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The opinions, statements, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this session are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the conference hosts.

A community grassroots effort to bring awareness for the need of tribally licensed foster homes. A Native American cultural need for traditional family preservation practices for to preserve Indian families.

Presented by Peter Lengkeek, Donita Loudner, O’Dell (Mugs) St. John, Shannon Shields, and Teresa R. Nieto
Community Response to Child Abuse Conference 2022

Peter Lengkeek, Chairman, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Peter Lengkeek, enrolled Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, is a U.S. Army Veteran, U.S. Marine Veteran, trauma recovery specialist, suicide intervention specialist, addiction recovery specialist and the tribal chairman for the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. Mr. Lengkeek is a transparent visionary leader, promoting cultural grassroots changes for Dakota children in state foster care systems and is leading the charge to create a Dakota Indian Family Preservation model.

Donita Loudner, Advocate, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Donita Loudner, enrolled Crow Creek Sioux Tribe is a community advocate for the Hunkpati Oyate. Donita has over 30 years’ experience of advocating for tribal community developments, suicide prevention efforts and a strong advocate for tribal people. Donita cares for 9 grandchildren in her home.

O’Dell (Mugs) St. John, Advocate, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe O’Dell (Mugs) St. John, enrolled Crow Creek Sioux Tribe currently works for the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in the Tribal Historic Preservation Office. Mugs worked in the Indian education system in South Dakota and Montana, prior to returning to the Fort Thompson SD community. Mugs is a kinship provider for his grandchildren and is an advocate for placing Dakota children with tribal foster parents. Mugs practices his traditional Dakota customs.

Shannon Shields, Advocate, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Shannon Shields, enrolled Crow Creek Sioux Tribe has approximately 22 years as a tribal & state foster parent. Shannon is a strong community advocate for Dakota children to be placed in native American homes.

Teresa R. Nieto, MSW, Foster Care Committee Member and CPCM Board member Teresa R. Nieto, MSW, enrolled Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate has over 22 years of experience in state, tribal, private, and federal child welfare systems.