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Spreading HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences)

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The opinions, statements, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this session are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the conference hosts.

Spreading HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences): This presentation will offer those working with children and families practical guidance in implementing a strengths-based approach that identifies, celebrates, and promotes access to key Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs). The presentation will cover the research behind PCEs and their mitigating effects on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the Four Building Blocks of HOPE, and the power of the brain to heal. We will also introduce some ideas of how to incorporate the HOPE framework into child abuse prevention practice.

Presented by Kimberly Ladd
Community Response to Child Abuse Conference 2022

Kimberly Ladd is a certified prevention specialist with Aligned Hope. Kimberly knows first-hand the potential impact adverse childhood experiences can have in the lives of children and families. As a person with lived experience in post-traumatic growth, she’s passionate about growing child-led, family-centered communities and systems that proactively respond to ACES with HOPE.