View the 2023 Community Response to Child Abuse Conference sessions below. Upon full viewing of the session, you will be able to receive a completion certificate for continuing education credit purposes.

Video: Reunification Panel Discussion

Moderated by Pamela Bennett, SD Department of Social Services

Video: Trauma and Adverse Experiences in Children with Disabilities

Presented by Kayla Krogman-Glirbas, Aimee Deliramich, Madysen Pravecek

Video: Trust-Based Relational Intervention: Introduction & Overview

Presented by Shana Cerny

Video: Family First Prevention Services Act Preview

Presented by Ashley Schlichenmayer-Okroi

Video: Dealing with Difficult Clients

Presented by Shanna Moke

Video: Whole Child Approach: Engaging Learners and Families through Relationships

Presented by Angie Lynch & Julie King

Video: Know Your Why

Presented by Mitchell Reed

Video: Building a Treehouse – Building Resiliency for Our Children

Presented by Terri Mielitz

Video: From Self-Care to Organizational Care: This is an “us” conversation

Presented by Tifanie Petro

Video: Jurisdictional Challenges and Solutions in the Prosecution of Child Abuse and Exploitation

Presented by Heather Knox