Thirty-five individuals from across the state were trained in the Enough Abuse curriculum in May 2019.  These individual’s demonstrated a passion for educating others about keeping children safe and a willingness to train within their respective agencies, as well as provide training in other areas, communities, and businesses.

If you are interested in scheduling or customizing a presentation for your group or organization, please complete the form below or reach out to Tifanie Petro, Director of Advocacy and Prevention of Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center.  [email protected] or 605-484-2620.


Over a three year period, CPCM stakeholders identified strengths and weaknesses in South Dakota’s response to child sexual assault and maltreatment. Stakeholders formulated a 10-year strategic plan to address those findings, including the investment in a prevention program targeting child sexual abuse, choosing the Enough Abuse campaign after researching national and international programs. The Enough Abuse campaign was chosen based on the program evaluation results, comprehensive modules targeting adults, teenagers, and children, and programmatic support from the national office.

Enough Abuse South Dakota is made possible by funding through South Dakota Department of Social Services, South Dakota Department of Education and South Dakota Department of Health.


Enough Abuse South Dakota is a partnership led by CPCM and Children’s Home Society of South Dakota and will pair with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Interface and Resiliency program rolled out in South Dakota in the spring of 2018. The two statewide awareness campaigns will give victims a voice to immediately connect with appropriate services.

Similar to the SD ACEs and Resiliency program, professionals and community members will be trained to deliver Enough Abuse in various venues through engagement of parents, caregivers, schools, youth serving organizations, parent organizations, churches, child care providers, and other audiences that serve children and youth. The goal of the campaign is to engage communities so that together we can increase what we KNOW, improve how we RESPOND, and ultimately PREVENT child sexual abuse. It is time we say ENOUGH!

The Campaign offers:

  • A framework for looking at child sexual abuse as the public health problem that it is and addressing the prevention of abuse in a manner similar to the way other behavior-based public health issues have been.
  • Communication tips for parents and others to talk to children in a healthy and neutral way about their bodies, sexuality, and safety.
  • Action steps that everyone can take to be a part ending the devastating problem of sexual abuse.
  • Policy change that can be implemented both governmentally and institutionally to make an impact on this issue.


  • Can be done in various timeframes — 30 minute (if a series of three sessions), one hour, two hour, and half-day.
  • Provide high quality materials.
  • Are geared toward specific audiences: medical and mental health professionals; parents; those who work in youth serving organizations.
  • Are offered free of charge to your organization through generous funding from South Dakota Department of Social Services and South Dakota Department of Health.

Trainer Support

We are able to offer stipend support and travel reimbursement for our trainers due to the generous support of Project Aware. Project AWARE is a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), through which the South Dakota Department of Education and South Dakota Department of Social Services – Division of Behavioral Health are partnering with school districts and community mental health centers to improve access to mental health services.

For more information about stipends contact [email protected].