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Building a Bridge for our LGTBQIA+ Youth

This training session is a part of our 2022 Community Response to Child Abuse Conference. Purchase of this content opens access to all 19 sessions and corresponding continuing education credits.

Trauma does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity but our systems sometimes do. Are we interested and committed to creating a truly inclusive trauma response community for all our youth? If so, what have we learned from research and practice that can inform our work moving forward? This workshop intends to inspire all members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team to become active participants in creating safe spaces for ALL of the children and youth who experience trauma. The use of inclusive language as well as the need for organizational policies and procedures will be explored with the goal of creating practical and pragmatic interventions that will result in more effective and inclusive services for all our youth.

VIDEO – Building a Bridge for our LGTBQIA+ Youth

Al Killen-Harvey