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Building a Treehouse-Building Resiliency for Our Children

This training session is a part of our 2023 Community Response to Child Abuse Conference. Purchase of this content opens access to all 9 sessions and corresponding continuing education credits.

Take a walk with me through the years of trauma and how building treehouses with my brother helped to ensure a small girl would one day overcome her perceptions of failure and learn to breathe. The memories of “Breathe, Sissy, Breathe” still ring in my ears. We will laugh and cry together today. Find hope in the hopelessness that children sometimes face and discuss some simple tools that can make the difference in a child’s ability to survive while in crisis. Most importantly, how everyday YOU can help a child build resiliency by being the voice they hear, “Breathe, Sissy, Breathe,” when they are feeling hopeless.

Video: Building a Treehouse – Building Resiliency for Our Children

Presented by Terri Mielitz